A SMALL INITIATIVE CAN BRING A BIG CHANGE IN LIFE   This case study takes a glimpse into a small village known as Jakua in Chhapra, Bihar. The main industry in the village is agriculture, with various crops cultivated through the seasons. In this village lives a Saija client named Seema Devi. A typical day […]


CONFIDENCE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS   This case is based on the life of a client from Saija’s Muzaffarpur branch. It explains how a client used two loan products from Saija and saw numerous benefits Our client Meera Devi hails from Bejha, a small village in Muzaffarpur. Currently, she is repaying her second loan […]


RIGHT DECISION AT THE RIGHT TIME CAN MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE   This case describes the story of a client from Saija’s Dholi branch. It explains how the client benefited from Saija’s basic microfinance loans as well as its new energy loan products and how these benefits transformed her life. In a village located in […]


  LEADERS CREATE MORE LEADERS “if the team will not accept its  leader then they would not work for the leader – A  Happy team will give the maximum result”. Success Mantra                                                […]


Success Mantra He joined Saija on 12th Nov’2018 in Bathinda as Branch Manager. As a BM he has always stood as Front Line Warrior. He mentions that “For a leader, People Handling & People Connecting is the key to success. If we give our heart and soul to groom them then nothing seems impossible”.   Achievement as a Team Leader […]


Achievement Mithun started his journey as a Field Executives in Dhanbad on 4th Feb ‘2016. Right from the beginning he made a point to Learn and Grow and this only attitude helped him to come so far   He has always been a consistent performer and for this he has received many accolades. He was awarded as Best FE […]

Om Prakash

Meet Om Prakash FE but working as a Branch In charge Rajdhanwar, a perfect example of Self-Motivation & Commitment. During the pandemic where dealing with clients and recovering EMIs was a very difficult task, yet his NEVER SAY DIE ATTITUDE brought him success against all odds. He states that he uses two strategies to recover EMIs from clients: firstly, motivate […]


Success belongs to those who never give up.  The living example is that of Ajaharuddin who joined Saija on 7th Jan’21 as FE in Chhapra branch. He was a fresher looking for a good future and joined Saija on the recommendation of one of his friends. After the completion of his Induction, when he moved to his allotted branch, initially he faced challenges like […]


SUCCESS COMES TO THOSE WHO NEVER GIVE UP  Jyoti Devi hails from Samastipur, Bihar, which is an under developed region with very limited opportunities. It is , therefore , not an easy  for people  here to make a living  but her  vigor  and commitment towards her family  kept her dreams alive When he got married […]


IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING YOU JUST HAVE TO TRY Indrashan Devi was a housewife living is Muzaffarpur, Bihar with her husband, in laws and three children. Her life was full of struggle as her husband was not employed and was busy in marginal farming, feeding such a large family became a pain point as the earnings […]