capacity-buildingSince its very inception, capacity building at SAIJA has been accorded very high priority which effectively translates into right–skilling and up-skilling at all levels in terms of relevant technical, domain and behavioural/soft skills. There is an implicit understanding across the board that training and development is as critical for maintaining a competitive edge as also for motivation and retention of employees.

SAIJA has a well laid out and documented Training Policy and has established a dedicated training centre at Danapur. Apart from need based external programmes for which employees are frequently sent, there is a lot of emphasis given to in-house programmes where the training imparted is particularly learner-centric, problem-focused, need-oriented, promoting individual involvement and group interaction.

Training cycle in terms of training needs assessment, training design and delivery and training effectiveness forms the corner stone of all the in-house programmes which are regularly conducted. A full fledged Training Department chalks out an annual Training Calendar, conducts regular in-house programmes and also develops line managers as trainers.

There is an implicit understanding in the training philosophy at SAIJA which makes capacity building an important activity for all the managers in the organization. With this objective in mind, all the managers in the organization are regularly exposed to “Training for trainers” programme and are well equipped to design and conduct regular need based technical training programmes. The training modules and courses are regularly upgraded to meet the emerging requirements of the organization.

Eminent speakers and professionals with extensive experience and also external trainers are invited at regular intervals to interact with employees and share their experiences.

Accion has also been providing regular support to SAIJA in the area of quality capacity building interventions.

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