SUCCESS COMES TO THOSE WHO NEVER GIVE UP  Jyoti Devi hails from Samastipur, Bihar, which is an under developed region with very limited opportunities. It is , therefore , not an easy  for people  here to make a living  but her  vigor  and commitment towards her family  kept her dreams alive When he got married […]


IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING YOU JUST HAVE TO TRY Indrashan Devi was a housewife living is Muzaffarpur, Bihar with her husband, in laws and three children. Her life was full of struggle as her husband was not employed and was busy in marginal farming, feeding such a large family became a pain point as the earnings […]


NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE IF YOU DARE TO ACHIEVE Sukanti Devi even as a young lady had dreams and aspirations to live a decent and happy life with her husband and her two kids From the beginning of her life she wanted to support her husband in day to day household expenses though she was educated […]