Success Mantra

He joined Saija on 12th Nov’2018 in Bathinda as Branch Manager. As a BM he has always stood as Front Line Warrior. He mentions that “For a leader, People Handling & People Connecting is the key to success. If we give our heart and soul to groom them then nothing seems impossible”.


Achievement as a Team Leader

Manpreet (ABM Bathinda) spoke very highly of him. “He mentions that when he was promoted as ABM from BOE, he took great care of him & assisted him in the field to ensure that all field processes are known to him. He used to visit with him on a regular basis and made him understand the importance of EMPLOYEE GROOMING and CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP and today he feels more confident and believes that if we work together as a team then everything is possible”.


Ankit (SH Haryana & Punjab) also sees him as a great leader. “For a true leader what is more important is employees connect and he is extremely good in this, he exactly knows how to get things done. His POSITIVE APPROACH & HIGH LEVEL OF COMMITMENT is what makes him different from others.  IF WE VALUE OUR EMPLOYEES THEN THEY DO MORE WHAT IS EXPECTED FROM THEM”.


Gurwinder (ABM – Maur Mandi) was working as an FE in Bhatinda under the leadership of Satveer but today he feels so proud to have a mentor like him. He mentions that “Satveer is a good team player who knows how to make things happen even in difficult situations. He trusted us and made us believe that together we can achieve any impossible thing.  He feels great to be groomed under him and he gives entire credit to him for his Success”.


Gratitude towards SAIJA

“He feels great to be a part of such a team where everyone is so vibrant and welcoming. He thanks Saija for giving him a platform to Perform as a Leader”