Om Prakash

Meet Om Prakash FE but working as a Branch In charge Rajdhanwar, a perfect example of Self-Motivation & Commitment.

During the pandemic where dealing with clients and recovering EMIs was a very difficult task, yet his NEVER SAY DIE ATTITUDE brought him success against all odds. He states that he uses two strategies to recover EMIs from clients: firstly, motivate them by giving the example of how delayed EMIs would impact their credit score and secondly follow them till they agree to make the payment.

His State Head also speaks very highly of him and mentions that he takes full ownership of the task given and if he and his team face any challenge he takes quick action and tries to resolve the issue in a very timely manner.

Employees like Om Prakash set very high benchmarks for others in the company. He is a great asset for the company and we wish him success in life and career.