sadhna-sinhaSaija has been a boon for me and my family. I have been able to improve my standard of living with the loan provided by Saija. Earlier I used to work for other vendors but with the first loan from Saija, I bought my own sewing machine through which I started my own business. With the help of second cycle loan, due to increased demand, I bought one more machine and employed two workers for the same. Now, I am able to take orders & meet demands from 4 shops and earn good profits. As my daughter’s wedding is round the corner, I’m not planning to diversify my small establishment rather I would again utilize the loan amount in getting the raw materials. My husband is a clerk and has supported me in growing my small business. With our joint efforts and continuous support provided by Saija, we have been able to grow our business and living standards.”

Sadhna Sinha
Tailoring, Group : Hari Om

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