sadhna Sadhna Sinha , Tailoring, Group: Hari Om
“SAIJA has been a boon for me and my family. I have been able to improve my standard of living with the loan provided by SAIJA. Earlier I used to work for other vendors but with the first loan from SAIJA, I bought my own sewing machine through which I started my own business. With the help of second cycle loan, due to increased demand, I bought one more machine and employed two workers for the same. Now, I am able to take orders & meet demands from 4 shops and earn good profits. As my daughter’s wedding is round the corner, I’m not planning to diversify my small establishment rather I would again utilize the loan amount in getting the raw materials. My husband is a clerk and has supported me in growing my small business. With our joint efforts and continuous support provided by SAIJA, we have been able to grow our business and living standards.”

za Md. Zamruddin Alam:  Mobile Repairing Center, Group: Rukshana
“I joined SAIJA in 2010 and put the loan of Rs. 25000/-, which I got, in my business which was 4 years old at that time. I used to sell mobile parts and repair them as well. Now, due to support from SAIJA, I have expanded my business. I have a staff to look after the business when I am required to move from place to place for repairing mobiles at other centers as well. My small family has seen many ups and downs in life but now, I with my mother, wife and a 3 years old son, live happily and expect the relationship with SAIJA to continue for long.”

rama Rama Shankar Chaudhary: Plastic utensils & stationary, Group: Kalyani
“Loan from SAIJA helped me expand my business. Earlier I had a very small shop with very less varieties of stuff. But, after receiving the loan from SAIJA I bought new and variety stuffs for my shop, as it is a very competitive market. With expansion in my business, my sale increased and with the increased sales my income became good, which finally led me and my family to a better living standard. I am very thankful to SAIJA.”

asma Asma Khatoon: Bangles Manufacturing, Group: Muskan
“She says that “SAIJA has been a boon for poor people like us. With the loan I borrowed from SAIJA, I have been able to expand and take my bangles’ business to next level and get more benefits out of it. I and my all group members are very thankful to SAIJA for being there with us when we needed investment for our small businesses.”

bramc Brahmachari Shwarnlata : Clothes Wholesale, Group: Vaibhav Laxmi
“Being the only child of my parents I had to shoulder many responsibilities. In order to meet the same, I started selling garments on a very small scale. With the assistance from SAIJA which provided the initial loan of Rs.8000, I switched to wholesale selling. The business improved and apart from ensuring better living standards, I also got my children admitted to good schools. I subsequently took second and third cycle loan and also took my business to more profitable levels. SAIJA helped me in getting a better and respectable life for myself and my family.”

sushila Mrs. Shushila Devi : General Store, Group : Om Sai Center
“According to her, SAIJA Finance has helped her in growth of her business, better living standards for her family and a greater level of confidence in her. She further mentioned that, she would always strive to be a good client and maintain a sound and long relationship with SAIJA.”

kausha Kausalya Devi : Fruit Hawker, Group : Jai Mata Di
“Kausalya Devi sells fruits for a living. With a small loan of Rs.5,000/- as working capital she purchases fruits from the wholesale market and sells it at a profit. This loan has increased her stock, business and the resultant profits. The quick sanction of loan from SAIJA has reaffirmed her faith in Microfinance as she has been trying to borrow from other sources for the one year with no success.”

kausha Gita Singh : Puja Shop , Group : Mahavir , Loan Amount: – Rs. 30,000
“According to her, SAIJA gave me much needed support and paved the way for new avenues. I decided to join SAIJA because of my financial condition. My husband’s income was not sufficient to run a family. We were barely able to make ends meet. My association with SAIJA started seven years back when I took my first loan of Rs 8000. With that amount I purchased a knitting machine to weave sweater, which I use to sell in the market. This helped me to fetch enough money to repay my loan and to look after my family’s need. I decided to take another loan of Rs 12000 which I used in the same business. However, I was looking for additional fund support to further expand into new business. With the new loan of Rs 15000 I started a new crockery business. Today we realise that association with SAIJA has been our wisest decision. As on today I am able to generate an income of 15000-20000 on a monthly basis. I feel happy to see my children growing and shaping their career. SAIJA has brought lot of joy and happiness in our life. Today I am independent and thinking of extending my business. The support that I have received from SAIJA is commendable.”

kausha Guriya Devi : Puja Shop , Group : Sai Baba , Loan Amount: – Rs. 40,000
“According to her, SAIJA has become the major source of inspiration in my life. Me and my husband use to run a Puja shop which requires lot of money especially during the festive time. To meet the business requirement we use to borrow from Moneylender at the exorbitant rate of Interest which was proving suicidal for our business. One day I heard about SAIJA and decided to be a part of it because of its easy repayment mechanism and lower rate of interest. The first amount I received was Rs 8000 which I used in my shop. Since then I never looked back. With every consecutive loan that I received, we have invested in extending the business. Thanks to SAIJA our business has expanded, become stable and we now have a regular and good flow of income. SAIJA has been a great harbinger of change and prosperity in our lives.”

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