“if the team will not accept its  leader then they would not work for the leader – A  Happy team will give the maximum result”.

Success Mantra                                                                                       

Bhanu started his journey in Saija as a Mobility Trainer. Prior to Saija he was working with IBM Daksh and due to some family issues he had to leave but he never lost his hope. He is a man of high spirit who sees the positive aspect of life. He believes that the most important ingredient for success is Punctuality, Dedication  & Team coordination .

Achievement as a Team Leader

Bhanu has performed very well in 180Plus bucket and for the same he was awarded as Saija Ke Jabaaz for the month of Sep’21

Ankit (SH Haryana & Punjab) also sees him as a great leader. “He is very proactiveaccurate in data management, gives proper direction to his team; he has a good control over the system. Team respects him as he goes out of the way to support them personally and   professionally. One very key trait of Bhanu is that he takes initiatives and act as a team player in every situation”.


Praveen (RM – Panipat Region) spoke very highly of him “He has a good rapport with his supervisor and his team. He has good communication skills and has a good hold on data management. He achieves his target and keeps up the momentum of his team”.


Bhupendra (FE – Kaithal) Says “He is a problem solving leader.  Whenever I face any issues in the field he takes the first step to resolve the issues. He is a cooperative leader who manages to handle difficult situations well”.

Gratitude towards SAIJA

Bhanu expresses his gratitude and feel obliged to Saija for giving him an opportunity to work here. He is happy to be a part of this family.


Onwards a bigger, better and bolder Saija!