• Jyoti Devi hails from Samastipur, Bihar, which is an under developed region with very limited opportunities. It is , therefore , not an easy  for people  here to make a living  but her  vigor  and commitment towards her family  kept her dreams alive
  • When he got married her husband owned an STD booth but soon they realized that the business could not get them a sustainable income. It was difficult for them to support their family. After a while her husband started a small  electrical shop with limited  equipment’s
  • She got to learn about Saija through one of our Field Executive  and without giving a second  opinion  she applied   for  a loan of  Rs15000 which she utilized  in buying  a livestock  which fetched  her a decent income  through the sale of milk and Ghee and in a year she also made all the payment which gave her lot of confidence
  • She then decided to take loan for her husband’s business and immediately she applied for the loan amount of Rs 30,000 in the second cycle Rs 50,000 & Rs 70,000 in subsequent cycle. The  loan was utilized to cater  the existing   electrical business  and  toady their shop has a variety of   products like   Wiring Material,  Electrical fan,  Room heaters , Coolers  and tube light
  • At present her loan of Rs 80,000 is running though she is not directly involved in her husband’s business but her contribution is never the less. She invested the money in her husband’s business
  • During COVID time things were not as they expected but she never stopped her repayment as she considers SAIJA a BOON for her family. She can’t even think of  her life without SAIJA. She said that Saija repayment system is better than Bhandan as here higher quantum of loan is repaid in 2 years on  monthly basis with easy and affordable EMIs
  • She also mentions that their quality of life has also improved. Her both kids are studying in a CBSE private school  which she feels a big change in her life, she could do only matriculation due to financial constraints
  • She is very grateful to us for helping her through tough times of her life. She beams with confidence and is full of energy